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Foot Drop Treatment
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Foot drop is a condition that may be temporary or permanent, depending on whether timely treatment is administered. It refers to difficulty in lifting the front part of the foot, often leading to dragging the foot along the ground during walking. This condition is indicative of underlying issues such as neurological, muscular, or anatomical problems. People with foot drop often scuff their toes on the ground or lift their knees higher than usual to avoid this, potentially leading to falls and injuries.


  • Reduced sensation, numbness, or tingling in the top of the foot or outer areas of the upper or lower leg.
  • Inability to lift the foot (foot drop).
  • Toes dragging while walking.
  • General difficulty in walking.
  • Weakness in the feet or ankles.
  • Loss of muscle control in the lower legs and feet.
  • Weakening of the muscles in the foot or foreleg.
  • Difficulty in lifting the foot and toes.


In managing neuropathy, our team has observed that about 6% of patients with peroneal motor nerve dysfunction (foot drop) have also shown positive responses to our treatments. Reversing chronic foot drop is challenging, but functional improvements have been significant, with many patients experiencing better mobility and walking ability.

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